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Full-time media nerd. Beer and breakfast enthusiast. Passionate for Bruins hockey and the pursuit of the perfect playlist. I spend my days tweeting and 'gramming for a pretty awesome fitness brand.
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Top ten Tumblr blogs, according to you.

  1. The Frenemy > Her blog is partly the reason why I joined Tumblr.  Every post is hilariously snarky and I’m convinced she knows my whole entire life and we should be friends.
  2. I Love Charts > Self explanatory.  Awesome.
  3. Boston > Generic Boston news and whatnot, from  And for all things Bruins, there’s this
  4. Just Little Things > This one always puts a smile on my face.
  5. Never Said About Restaurant Websites > Not updated all that often, but hilarious.
  6. Laughing Squid > Just some really interesting stuff on here.
  7. That Awkward Moment and People Who > These are so incredibly accurate in the funniest way!
  8. OmNomNominator
  9. Damn That’s Whack
  10. And I’m having #10 serve as a giant linkspam for those Tumblrs that belong to people I actually know!!  Because it’s more fun this way :-D [Amanda] [Ashley] [Derek] [Dimitri] [Greg] [Katie] [Kirstie] [Lexi] [Lori] [Matt] [Monica] [Ryan] [Tim]