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Full-time media nerd. Beer and breakfast enthusiast. Passionate for Bruins hockey and the pursuit of the perfect playlist. I spend my days tweeting and 'gramming for a pretty awesome fitness brand.
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Playoff beards are coming.

Brad Marchand (via jjusttlistenn)

Love me some scruffy Bruins.

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Boston Bruins as kids 

bahahaha omg, adorbs.


No comments necessary. Congratulations, boys. You did it.

- Stache

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bruinsofacesSeguin: “One of the biggest things I’ve noticed since we’ve won the Cup was that in my hometown, people say ‘Congratulations,’ but in Boston the fans say, ‘Thank you.’ They’re so happy to have the cup back.”

Ooooh, some of my favorite Bruins men :-)

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Guess that’s what happens when they don’t make player tees in women’s sizes.  Close enough?


337 followers you all know what that means.

Perfect Human Being spam aka Patrice Bergeron.


My #1 favorite Bruin… I’m really nervous that without the glue holding the team together we’re not going to make it.  Segs better pull out all the stops til Bergy gets better if we want a shot at winning this.  Believe in Boston.


This is entirely necessary right now.