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Because it’s never marred by awkward family obligations or religious connotations.

Instead, we get barbecue, beer, summer weather, friends, and fireworks.

Happy 4th, Tumblr!

This got posted earlier, but it wasn’t finished (oops for forgetting the queue I set up).  It’s one of the ones from this challenge that actually means something to me that it gets properly posted, so it is now being posted in its COMPLETED form :-)

Ten most important people in your life.

*absolutely not in any order*

  1. S - My aunt is someone who I was extremely close to growing up, and she has had such a great influence on the way I see the world.  She instilled in me all of my wanderlust and has always encouraged me to “live life to the fullest.”  She has always been my biggest supporter…recently at work a friend of hers came in and was talking to me, and she said “I remember her talking about you when you were a little girl, ‘Kelsey can do anything!’”  At which point I almost lost it right in the middle of work and had to do the awkward sniffle-look-away-pretend-I’m-not-going-to-cry gesture.
  2. L - My best friend.  We spend all of our free time hanging out doing nothing together, and she’s always up for crazy adventures and occasionally drinking at 3 in the afternoon.  She’s way more outgoing than I am, but has also brought me out of my shell quite a bit.  For example, she makes me try all sorts of weird foods that I would never otherwise eat.  She is also such a good cook!  Her chicken pot pie has trumped even my mom’s cooking as my favorite food ever… that’s quite an accomplishment.  I know she would do anything in the world for me, and that means so much to me :-)  And we’re totally roommates next year, which will make for a fantastic senior year!
  3. C - My oldest and meanest friend!!  We’ve been best friends since the fifth grade, only to find out later that our grandmas were best friends, so clearly this is a friendship that we’re stuck with.  She’s someone who I never, ever have to have a filter around, and I know I’ll never offend her.  That also means that we constantly serve to call each other out on our shit whenever necessary :-P  We don’t see each other all that often during the school year, but we spend the entire summer hanging out, when we’re stuck living out our love/hate relationships with this town.
  4. M - My freshman year roommate.  Who I found out I was living with exactly two days before we moved in.  But who I got along with awesomely even though we had barely anything in common besides yelling obscenities in the dorm hallways at odd hours of the morning.  We see each other only once or twice a year now, since she’s been bopping around the country, but it’s always the best time (we watch the Parent Trap. and eat ridiculous amounts of cookies and cinnabuns. and then troll Youtube for HOURS.) and she’s someone whose friendship I really value.  Besides, if she didn’t live far away, who would I be able to snail mail ridiculous letters to?!
  5. My immediate family does get a shoutout, obviously.  But they already got their own post, so I’m assume that that’s sufficient enough for Tumblr challenge requirements.
  6. D - My closest guy friend, we have this crazy chemistry between us that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced with anyone else.  Which inevitably has led to a whole bunch of overly complicated feelings and shenanigans, but I’ve realized he’s someone who I really need in my life, be it as my friend or as more than that.  He doesn’t know this, but he has this ability to calm me down and reassure me that everything is alright just by talking to me about absolutely nothing and making me laugh. I know that if I’m ever feeling insecure or just having a shit time at a party where I don’t know anyone, he’s a text message away and always replies.
  7. K - She has taught me everything I’ve ever learned about being snarky and punchy and all-around awesome.  And she is also an awesome procrastination slash pulling all-nighters to write epic research papers buddy.  She is by far one of the funniest people I have ever met, and we have gotten through every semester of media classes with our sneaky during-class IM sessions, which often leads to really inappropriate stifilings of laughter throughout class (significant evokative terms).  Also, her Tumblr blog is going to change the world.  Or at least make more people appreciate Disney princes (and Dimitri, who I’ve learned was way too cool for Disney), Pokemon, old school Nickelodeon, and being a successful person who actively chooses playtime over doing real things :-D
  8. A - My cousin has to be on this list because again, so much of who I am today is because of his influence when we were growing up.  I like video games because of him (we were an UNBEATABLE Double Dash team. You have no idea.).  I like certain music and movies because of him.  Most of my opinions on politics and religion are directly because of him.  He’s also someone I haven’t seen in several years, and someone who I have had trouble keeping in touch with, but I keep hoping that eventually that will change.  He still gets a spot on my list.
  9. My BLC family, N/L/S - My work buddies in Boston, who are getting lumped together to conserve space on the list :-P  N, one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, he’s always willing to help fix our computers or hook us up with the latest software.  We argue like siblings but totally bond over being nerdy and watching the Bruins, and he’s dating my best friend, which basically makes my life awesome because I get to hang out with my favorite people simultaneously on a daily basis.  L, I owe her for helping me to get my job before I even started my freshman year, and she’s pushed me through the hierarchy of the office since then.  We get to be social media dorks together.  S, She is my WoW-playing-female-friend, which is super rare and is therefore awesome because she understands hahaha :-)
  10. Everyone else, you’re all important.  Don’t think you’re not.  I’m sorry if I didn’t write a paragraph about each of you, because you ALL deserve it.